Fast tuning and measuring algorithms in open loop active load pull systems have been developed to accommodate high speed production testing of many chips of the same kind on wafer; they are based on re-setting the (pre-calibrated) amplitude and phase of the injected power into the device output port. Because of the dispersion of the chip characteristics this often leads to non-physical load synthesis, i.e. lGammal> 1, which not only is unrealistic test condition, but also risks destroying the device under test, or reflection factors not high enough to reach the optimum Gamma of the DUT. A method is proposed to use a mechanical tuner in order to shift the active tuning inside meaningful areas; the tuner is also used to pre-match the device to the injection amplifier.

Filed: 3 November 2014

Allowed: 2 June 2016

Issued: 2 September 2016