Thank you for updating the spectrum analyzer dll to solve the timing issue on such short notice. I appreciate you staying on the line with me during the final trouble shooting steps until the problem was solved.

Thank you also for the great support you have provided me the last few days. I appreciate your patience with me on LPMacro - I now see this as a great tool to streamline several of our design related modeling tasks.

Thank you

Nick Chopra
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems

Your colleague Baoli Tian identified some problems with our power measurement equipment, but he succeeded in getting a good load pull shortly before we were needing to return him to the airport. We both learned a lot about what and how we use the Focus tuners, which is a bit unique. He is a great asset to your team!


John Soliday
Microsemi RF Power Products, Oregon

I would like to warmly thank you for your support, your help and your reactivity. Thank you very much for all you have done.
It is always a pleasure to work with Focus Microwaves team!

Floria Blanchet
STMicroelectronics, Grenoble

I take this opportunity to wish a very Happy New Year to FOCUS team. You are doing a very good job and it is my pleasure to be able to work with experts like you.
January 2014

Long Lay, RF & HF Test Engineer
United Monolithic Semiconductor, Paris

Hi Christos/Neven,

We appreciate such creative solution provided to us. I have sought consent from management on your proposal. You may proceed with development/production of the top hat suggested if the shielding effectiveness of EMI, noise and light are good for up to 67GHz.


Best Regards,

Loo Xi Sung

"Focus' innovation, professionalism, due diligence, and care of clients triggered our collaboration in the design of novel high-frequency noise measurement system to be best suitable for the characterization of the state-of-the-art semiconductor devices and innovated circuits for low noise applications."

Professor Chih-Hung (James) Chen
McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

"The equipment works as advertised. Tech support and the availability of engineering to answer technical questions is excellent."

Dave Frey
Principle RF Engineer, BAE Systems Electronics and Integrated Solutions

"FSCI has several load pull setups so I have been able to try competitor's setups. I found the Focus system took data faster (3-10x shorter calibration and measurement time) with equally reproducible data, and easier to learn and to use."

Jon Shumaker
Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, CA

"Having spent a considerable amount of time working with a competing load pull system, I found many advantages to using the Focus Load Pull system to support my design tasks."

John B. Call
Silicon Wireless Corporations, NC

"I've been using Focus' PMT i-tuners for 1 year now and I find them extremely repeatable and reliable. They are very well engineered pieces of equipment with unmatched performance, only to be out done by the superb technical support and helpful staff at Focus Microwaves."

Thomas Landon
TriQuint Semiconductor, TX

"At Nitronex Corporation, we've been using load-pull systems manufactured by Focus Microwaves for over two years. We've now acquired two such systems and use them on a regular basis.
Starting with the pre-sales support, through installation and day-to-day use, we've found the staff at Focus Microwaves to be very friendly, responsive and competent. Technical issues many of which have been due to our own limited knowledge with the system, have been handled quickly and accurately. Both the hardware and the software have proven to be robust, despite the heavy usage the systems experience.

Overall, our experience with Focus Microwaves has been very positive and we look forward to continuing our relationship."

Ric Borges
Nitronex Corporation, NC

"I believe that Focus Microwaves has contributed superior technology to the loadpull extraction field. Their interpolating tuner calibration permits significantly more tuner states to be realized over the competition. They were first to manufacture programmable harmonic tuners and they have recently developed a tuner capable of sub-1 ohm impedances using novel two slug tuners with reasonable sensitivity and repeatability. They also have authored numerous application notes on loadpull techniques."

Richard Carlson
Motorola, Inc. IL

"I think that your pre-matching tuners are excellent pieces of hardware. They are robust, repeatable, and easy to use. The support that you provide is also very good. Some weeks ago I had a technical question about the implementation of your TRL calibration and you got back to me with the answer I was looking for almost immediately. That was top class."

Mikael Garcia, Ph.D.
Methuen, MA

"Thanks to all who helped this quick delivery and setup of our new Load Pull system"

Jay Lai, Ph.D.
Microsemi, CA

"The tuners have exhibited stellar measurement performance which is an essential element for accurate models and designs on III-V processes.
Focus gave us good customer support and worked with us over the phone.
Overall we have been very pleased with Focus' high caliper technical support over the years."

John Holmes
Motorola Labs., AZ

"We have used it at 8.4 and 32 GHz for amplifier design and troubleshooting... Focus' technical support is excellent… they even helped us in suggesting where we might find other necessary equipment."

Perry Malouf, Ph.D.
Laurel, MD

"In short, our application goal is to characterize high power LDMOS for cell phone base station amplifiers. Apparently, with Focus help we have improved our efficiency and design to market time. This successful integration was the direct result of the service and support we received from the Focus staff. Thanks!"

Ha Than, Ph.D.
Paradigm Wireless Systems, Inc. CA

"The expert support team at Focus has come up with a viable solution for all of our immediate and long term needs."

Tomasz Wegrzynowicz
Xindium Technologies, IL

"We at IME in Singapore are using the Focus noise measurement system WINNOISE to do our noise measurement since several years. We got an accuracy of better than 0.2db for the whole of range from 1GHz to 18GHz."

Dr. Xiong Yong Zhong
Institute for Micro-Electronics, Singapore