Test Fixtures

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Focus’ modular microstrip, high power and ultra low loss coaxial fixtures are designed mainly for load pull testing of packaged transistors. All Focus test fixtures come with TRL calibration standards and support most transistor packages sized from less than 0.1″ and up to 1″.

Special designs include

  • Decade wide (Fmax:Fmin ~10:1) Klopfenstein transformers,
  • Water and Air cooling and
  • On substrate bias networks.
  • Microstrip fixtures (PTJ-x*; Packaged Test Jig) are available with 50Ω lines or built-in λ/4 or taper (Klopfenstein) transformers, harmonic traps and DC bias networks
  • Minimum Loss coaxial Test Fixtures (MLTF-x*) (insertion loss < 0.03 dB at 2 GHz) are available with 7mm, N and 7/16 connectors in frequency ranges up to 18 GHz. (US patent 6,464,513)

Both fixture types can be fitted with water cooling for RF power up to several hundred Watts.

(*) ‘-x’ indicates the frequency range: DC-4GHz, -6GHz, -12GHz and -18GHz.