Seminar Notes (PDF)

The following Seminar Notes in PDF format are available on request:

General and Applications

  • Load Pull Measurements: An Overview
  • Load Pull Measurements: An Introduction
  • Noise Measurement System 
  • Harmonic Load Pull using PHT (Harmonic Rejection Tuners)
  • Harmonic Load Pull Solutions (Triplexer-Harmonic Tuner-MPT)
  • Load Pull using High VSWR Prematching Tuners
  • Load Pull Special Topics
  • Focus Noise Measurement Capability
  • Focus-supported on-wafer setups
  • Tuner Repeatability - A Comparison of Electro-mechanical Tuners
  • Large Signal Network Analyzer uses Focus Tuner System (IRCOM-France)
  • An 80W 3.5-3.7GHz amplifier designed using Load Pull Data (Eudyna-USA) 

Automatic Tuners

  • 65GHz Programmable Tuner
  • Bi-Harmonic Combo Tuner
  • Frequency Selective Tuners
  • iTuner for Production Testing 
  • K band Bi-harmonic Combo Tuners
  • Active Prematching Tuner
  • High Power - High Speed 0.1-1GHz Automatic Tuner
  • Multi-Purpose Tuner, MPT
  • Synchronized Prematching - A new high VSWR tuning concept
  • Ultra Stable, mechanically balanced, Tuner for on-wafer operations 


  • Transistor Test Fixtures (Microstrip and Ultra Low Loss; DC-18GHz)
  • Load Pull Probe Station, LPPS

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