Focus Product and Services Calalogue 2013 (192 pages, 11.6MB)

Product Lines

  • System Integration support and services (pages 74-79 of 2013 Catalogue).
  • Software: Calibration, Graphics, Load Pull and Noise (FDCS, pages 13-24).
  • Active and Harmonic Load Pull (pages 68-79).
  • Multi Harmonic Tuners (MPT and PHT, pages 36-55).
  • Low frequency tuners 10 to 200MHz (LFT, pages 32-35).
  • Noise Measurement System (NPEx, pages 62-67).
  • Pulsed IV and RF System (pages 86-88).
  • Tuner Datasheets (pages 113-185).
  • Probe station: Manual/Semi-automatic (LPPS, pages 79-80).
  • Test Fixtures to 26.5GHz (Microstrip PTJ and Coaxial MLTF, pages 81-86).

Focus also offers:

  • VNA TRL Calibration kits in N, 7mm, 3.5mm, 2.9mm (K), 2.4mm and 1.8mm, up to 67GHz.
  • ActiveX libraries for all tuner operations for LabView®, Vee®, Visual Basic®, MATLAB®, C, C++, etc.

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