Probe Stations

Focus offers both individual tuners and complete integrated solutions.

Complete solutions include all passive components of the setup, driver and low-noise amplifiers.

Furthermore, Focus provides all required accesories for on-wafer setups:

LPPS-4 Load Pull Probe Station




LPPS-3:The latest Load Pull Probe Station

This versatile and economic prober system can accommodate all types of electromechanical tuners from 0.4-110GHz.  Focus LPPS-3 allows you to perform on-wafer Load Pull and Noise measurements with high accuracy and ease.  Focus probing solutions are designed to carry the heaviest tuners and optimize your on-wafer load pull system: first, by minimizing the loss between tuners and DUT which ensures a better tuning range and, secondly, by damping all sources of vibration, in particular when using an ultra low loss rigid connection (bend-line) between the tuners and the probes. The base plate of the station has handles on the sides to allow for possible relocation inside the lab without tuner disassembly.

The LPPS-3 is our latest and most versatile station family and can be configured to suit most requirements for on- wafer testing: 

  • Tuner positioners for optimized mechanical integration (used with rigid (bend-) lines) 
  • 6" or 8" chuck with thermal and EMI option 
  • Chuck with quick release for coarse positioning 
  • Easy Wafer loading  
  • Calibration substrate stage  
  • Compatible with most microscopes 
  • Can be used with Focus or third party probe positioners
  • Precision mechanics provide for fine adjustment in X-,Y-,Z- axis and optional Theta plane alignment.