Self-Adjustable Probes for Slide Screw Impedance Tuners / 8,427,255

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

An automatic slide screw impedance tuner uses one or more adjustable RF probes, either independently movable or linked together, in order to generate high VSWR; precise alignment of two RF probes inside the same slabline is critical, since they must glide seamlessly inside the slabline slot, very closely to the center conductor over large horizontal displacements; a self-aligning link between the tuner axis and the probes is made using a flexible steel blade and allows one or both of them to be mounted on the tuner's vertical axis in a manner that allows lateral and tilting self-alignment of the probe with hysteresis-free movement in vertical and horizontal directions, as required for exact re-positioning of the probe in the slabline during measurement. In case of multiple probes mounted on the same tuner axis the steel blade link provides also for variable spacing for optimum frequency operation of the tuner.