Low-loss microwave device test fixture with adjustable blocks / 6,414,563

Tuesday, July 2, 2002

The present invention relates to a low-loss microwave device test fixture which presents as little losses as possible along the signal path and which can permit impedance transformations. The test fixture includes a frame having two opposite extremities, a top, a bottom, a height and a width. The device is further provided with a device supporting column located between the two extremities, having a top surface lying below the top of the frame adapted to receive the device. Two adjustable blocks are further provided, each located between the device supporting column and an opposite extremity, each of the blocks being vertically adjustable. Between the adjustable blocks and the top of the device are two brackets, each for receiving a flange of a device, each of the brackets being secured to an opposite extremity of the frame. The device can be secured to the column and the column and the blocks can be vertically adjusted. The vertical adjustment permits the impedance transformation, and air is used as a dielectric to minimise the losses along the signal path.