High Frequency Phase Reference Standard Signal / 14/434,189

Sunday, April 5, 2015

A pre-characterized high frequency signal (14) is provided by means of a non-linear circuit, for example an amplifier circuit (10), fed with a first signal (12) with a component at a first, fundamental, frequency (FO). The amplifier circuit generates an output signal comprising harmonic components (14h1, 14h2, 14h3) having stable and predetermined phase relation relative to each other. Information concerning the phase relation of the harmonic frequency components is provided, for example by means of a data file (16). At least two of the harmonic components are at the tenth or lower harmonic frequencies. The signal strength of such low-order harmonic components may be relative high, thus enabling the provision of a pre-characterized high frequency multi-tone signal from the amplifier circuit with high signal to noise ratio.