Harmonic Impedance Tuner With Four Wideband Probes and Method / 8,405,475

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A method for calibrating multi carriage-multi probe impedance tuners for synthesizing distinct, user defined impedances at a number of harmonic frequencies, employs two-port s-parameter characterization of the tuning sections on a pre-calibrated vector network analyzer at a pre-selected number of probe positions. All tuner probes are wideband and capable of creating high reflection factor at all harmonic frequencies considered. The data are saved in memory and all permutations of the s-parameters at all harmonic frequencies are generated. Subsequently the data are organized blocks based on reflection factor values fitting in a number of segments of the Smith chart; this allows accelerated numeric search through a pre-selection of data block depending on the target reflection factor chosen. The method can be used for two three and four probe tuners.