Compact Multi Frequency-Range Impedance Tuner / 8,410,862

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An automatic multi frequency-range electro-mechanical impedance tuner covers frequencies from a low megahertz to a high gigahertz range, by combining a high frequency with one or two a low frequency tuner modules; the low frequency module is made using either variable phase shifter-capacitor or multi-capacitor-transmission line tuner structures. The high frequency module is a single, double or triple probe slide screw tuner covering up to 1.5 decades in frequency; the low frequency tuner is using cascades of three or more capacitor-coax cable tuning sections or a low frequency phase shifter combined with a variable shunt capacitor; the low frequency tuner can operate as low as a few megahertz whereas the high frequency tuner can operate up to several gigahertz. Depending on the application, low frequency parallel-blade capacitors or high frequency coaxial trimmers are used. Typical cross-over frequencies between low and high frequency modules range from 200 to 800 megahertz, lowest frequencies can reach below 10 megahertz and highest frequencies 26 to 40 gigahertz. Appropriate calibration, control and tuning procedures allow for a fully integrated operation.