Compact harmonic impedance tuner / 8,188,816

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Compact high reflection and harmonic frequency impedance tuners use the slide screw principle and new slabline structures, either with three slots arranged at to each other or four slots arranged in a cross form to each other. The tuners comprise up to three and up to four mobile carriages correspondingly, which slide horizontally across the length of the slabline(s), each carriage holding one or two stepper motors and one or two conductive RF probes, which can be inserted into the corresponding slots of the slabline(s) and create adjustable reflection factors through capacitive coupling with the center conductor of the slabline(s). The length of the tuners is considerably reduced, since the probes share the same sections of slabline. The tuners can be used for wideband, high reflection and multi-frequency (harmonic) tuning.