Calibration of High Frequency Signal Measurement Systems / 14/438,809

Monday, April 27, 2015

A method of calibration a high frequency signal measurement system is described. The measurement system is in the form of a network analyzer (6) and has first and second phase locked signal sources (SS1 & SS2) and at least two measurement receivers (18a, 18b). A phase meter (26) is provided. A reference signal (F0) is outputted at a first frequency from the first signal source (SS1). The second signal source (SS2) steps through a multiplicity of different test frequencies (nF0), which are applied in turn to part of the measurements receivers (18a, 18b), of characteristics of the resulting signal at a measurement place. The absolute phase of the signal at the measurement plane is also measured with the phase meter (26). Calibration data is generated which relates the characteristics of the signals as measured by the measurement system (6) and the absolute phase as measured with the phase meter (26).