Adaptable pre-Matched Tuner System and Method / RE45,667


The present invention is an adaptable pre-matched tuner system and calibration method for measuring reflection factors above Г=0.85 for DUT. The system includes a first and second large-band microwave tuners connected in series, the first and second large-band tuners being mechanically and electronically integrated; and a controller for controlling the two large-band tuners. The first tuner is adapted to investigate an area of a Smith Chart that is difficult to characterize with a single tuner, so that the combination of the first and second large-band tuners permits the measurement of reflection factors above Г=0.85. The pre-matched tuner system allows the generation of a very high reflection factor at any point of the reflection factor plane (smith Chart). The pre-matched tuner must be properly calibrated, such as to be able to concentrate the search for optimum performance of the DUT in the exact location of the reflection factor plane where the DUT performs best, using a pre-search algorithm.

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