NEW PATENT: Calibration and Impedance Synthesis Algorithm for Wideband Tuners

A calibration and impedance synthesis method applies to automatic multi frequency-range electro-mechanical impedance tuner which cover frequencies from a low megahertz to a high gigahertz range; this is possible by cascading a high frequency tuner module with one or two low frequency tuner modules; the low frequency module(s) are made using either “variable phase shifter-capacitor” or “multi-capacitor-transmission line tuner” structures. The high frequency module is a single, double or triple probe slide screw tuner, with the individual probes covering adjacent frequency bands. Calibration is measuring S-parameters of each tuner module on a VNA, cascading in memory and saving in cal-files. Tuning employs search routines in calibration data base targeting the closest calibrated point versus a user defined impedance.

Divisional application filed 18 March 2013.