Load Pull Explorer (FDCS) v2.5 released

As scheduled, Load Pull Explorer (FDCS) v2.5 is being released today (Feb 28th 2013). Contact us (info@focus-microwaves.com) to download the latest version. Note that a valid support agreement is required.

This release contains the following major features and improvements:

LP-Active with hybrid harmonic load pull (HAILP+)

  • Hybrid impedance synthesis and measurement support for hybrid harmonic active injection
  • Active injection source control for F0 + harmonics
  • Hybrid Harmonic impedance synthesis for harmonics (includes safe tuning mode to limit |G| < 1 for DUT stability)
  • Optimizations to minimize injected power required for F0, 2F0, 3F0 injection
  • Improved hybrid pattern impedance generation (minimize the number of active injection source adjustments needed)
  • New measurements (LP-Active and LP-Wave) PoutWaves@Fn & GainWaves (option for power gain or transducer gain)

Load Pull:

  • IV curves: Ability to import and export region patterns added
  • New regulation objects added to limit Pin during regulation: Pout=target(safe) & Gain=target(safe)


  • Added option to add Sid, Sig and correlation factor to .npar file
  • Updated noise points measurement files (.csv data) to include frequency band info in header)
  • Added pulsed DC bias to noise projects


  • Power sweep data (.SAT file) can be extracted and saved from an existing .LPC file
  • Added available gain (@ Gopt) display of DUT for .npar files (if available)
  • Added Stability Circle Display (.npar)
  • Added user template for plotting files (display settings can be saved and applied when opening files of the same type)
  • Right click to enable overlay plotting for (already open) files with same extension
  • Display NF50 (NF with tuner init) comparison by adding .csv data to .npar (measured NF versus calculated from noise parameters)
  • Added display of IV load lines even when DC measurements are missing (load line centered as though relevant DC measurements = 0)
  • Support added for load line display of waves values in polar format


- Stability Circle display utility: Added ability to configure gain circles of DUT and track mouse cursor gamma

- Implemented new instrument type --> Oscilloscope DC (& related current and voltage DC measurements)

- Added Calibration utility for Oscilloscope DC (voltage calibration)

- In-Situ tuner calibration --> added ability to calibrate both tuners automatically

- Windows 8 support added


- Bug Fix: 1st time ContourViewer.exe path error fixed (user must specify ContourViewer.exe path on first run)

- Bug Fix: Waveguide iTuner upload updated

- Bug Fix: Instrument Manager --> Switch Box: test communication fixed


The Focus Software Team