Excellent agreement Focus-ATN Noise Parameters

Solid agreement of wideband Noise Parameters between the ATN System and Focus' NPEx 2.0

Recent measurements by Focus and one of our customers, who owns an ATN NP5 noise system, on the same type of FET, shows excellent agreement for frequencies from 2 to 26 GHz.

The ATN (electronic tuner system), produced until 2000 by ATN Microwave, still serves for customers as a reliable reference.

(ATN) Noise Parameters

Noise Parameters

The excellent agreement proves that electromechanical wideband tuners (to 67GHz) and associated NPEx software offer reliable results and compatibility with traditional technology.

The Focus measurements presented here for a number of bias points, have been made using a PNA-X® and a CCMT-5020 (2-50GHz) tuner.