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Microwaves & RF

Three-Probe Tuner Tackles Multiple Tasks
February 2005
Load-Pull Tuners Are Frequency Selective
January 2004
Coaxial Tuners Control Impedances To 65 GHz
January 2003
Prematching Tuners Advance Load-Pull Testing
March 2000
Software Speeds Load Pull Testing
October 1998
Active Tuning System Analyzes Power Transistors
October 1997
System Performs Active Load-pull Measurement
November 1995

Microwave Journal

Pitfalls to Avoid When Using Load-pull Contours for PA Design
March 2004
C. Tsironis and N. Misljenovic, March 27, 2004
An Intelligent Microwave Tuner
May 2003
Prematching Tuners for Very High SWR And Power Load Pull Measurements
January 2000
An affordable Harmonic Load Pull Setup
October 1998
Macro File and Design Window Compression Load Pull Measurements
October 1997
An Ultra-Wideband Tuner System for Load Pull and Noise Characterization
June 1995

Applied Microwave & Wireless

Instruments Simplify Load Pull Testing Of High Power Transistors
December 1999
Manual Tuners Help Make Precise Load Pull and Noise Measurements
January 1999

IEEE Publications

MM-Wave Noise Characterization of 40nm CMOS Transistor for up to 67 GHz
June 2014
Xi Sung Loo, Hogan V. Nguyen, Liu Zhihong , Kok Wai Chew, Neven Misljenovic, Bryan Hosein, Christos Tsironis, Jen Shuang Wong, Wai Heng Chow, Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium, 2014
RF Power Transistor Characterization and Testing with Hybrid Harmonic Injection Source and Load Tuners
June 2014
Hogan V. Nguyen, Neven Misljenovic, Bryan Hosein, Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium, June 2014
Impedance Synthesis Algorithms for Hybrid Harmonic Load Pull
October 2013
Bryan Hosein and Timothy Beauchamp, EuMW, October 2013
Efficient Noise Extraction Algorithm and Wideband Noise Measurement System from 0.3 GHz to 67 GHz
June 2013
Hogan V. Nguyen, Neven Misljenovic, Bryan Hosein, Microwave Measurement Conference (ARFTG), 2013
Sub-0.2 dB Noise Figure Wideband
November 2007
Leonid Belostotski, Student Member, IEEE, and James W. Haslett, Fellow, IEEE, 2007
On-Wafer Time Domain Load Pull Optimization of Transistor Load Cycle with the New Multi-Harmonic MPT Tuner
June 2007
Designing Multi-Stage Class C Amplifiers for Pulsed Radar Applications
2005, Curtis
Advanced Non-linear Model for Accurate Prediction of Harmonically Terminated Power Amplifier Performance
2004, Upshur
A Balanced 24-Volt GaAs FET Amplifier for 2.11to 2.17 GHz
2004, Shumaker
Linearity Characteristics of Microwave-Power GaN HEMTs
2003, Nagy
Study on Large-signal Linearity and Efficiency of AlGaN/GaN MODFETs
2003, Hsu
Recycling Ambient Microwave Energy With Broad-Band Rectenna Arrays
2003, Hagerty
Analysis of Termination Impedance Effects on the Linearity of 5 GHz CMOS Radio Frequency Amplifiers
2003, Fairbanks
Characteristics of Microwave Power GaN HEMTs on 4-Inch Si Wafers
2002, Manohar
RF Small-Signal and Power Characterization of AlGaN/GaN HEMT's
2002, Fox
InP-based Complementary HBT Amplifiers for use in Communication Systems
1999, Sawdai
High Power Performance InP/InGaAs Single HBTs
1999, Sawdai
On-Wafer Load Pull Characterization of W-Band InP HEMT Unit Cells for CPW MMIC Medium Power Amplifiers
1999, Baker
W-Band On-Wafer Load-Pull Measurement System And Its Application To HEMT Characterization
1999, Alekseev
Large-Signal Characteristics of AlGaN/GaN Power MODFETs
1999, Alekseev
Power Performance Of InGaAsBnP Single HBTs
1998, Sawdai
Power Performance Of PNP InAlAs/InGaAs HBTs
1998, Sawdai
Power Amplification using NPN and PNP InP HBTs and Application to Push-Pull Circuits
1998, Sawdai
Comparison of Conventional and Thermally-Stable Cascode (TSC) AlGaAs/GaAs HBTs for Microwave Power Applications
1998, Hsu