At Focus we always start with a new Idea and end up with a final Product. We have been manufacturing Load Pull and Noise Measurement Systems since 1989. Our systems are based on proprietary designs of Computer Controlled Microwave Tuners CCMT . We have installed more than 1000 Measurement Systems (including more than 2700 tuners) and trained customer personnel worldwide. As a customer once put it: "You guys can do everything! "

Focus was, in 1987, the first among the automatic tuner manufacturers to use exclusively IBM-PC controlled instrumentation, and C/C++ programming language. Since then Focus has pioneered:


The First millimeter wave programmable tuner system in the industry (33 to 50GHz).

V- band (50-75GHz) system.


The First W-band tuner system.


The Low Cost Microwave Tuner System (MTS).

The First 6 to 40GHz coaxial tuner.


Coaxial TRL calibration kits up to 18GHz, 26.5GHz and 40GHz


The First coaxial 6 to 50GHz tuner and TRL Calkit.

Ultra Wideband Tuner System operating from 1.6 to 50GHz

(Cover story June 1995, Microwave Journal).


First commercially available Active Load Pull System

(Cover story November 1995, Top Product Award for 1995 by MW&RF Magazine)


The First Programmable Harmonic Rejection Tuners*

Family of Manual Microwave Tuners for frequencies between 0.4 and 40GHz.


Unique Broadband millimeter wave coaxial Fundamental and Harmonic Tuners.

Complete load pull solution in 7/16 high power connector type.


The First Prematching®, High VSWR Tuners

Unique Minimum Loss coaxial Test Fixtures (MLTF)


Unique Ultra Wideband Manual Tuner 3 - 50GHz with prematching capability.

Unique High Isolation Manual Harmonic Tuners for the PCS frequency range.


Integrated Solutions for On-Wafer Load Pull* from PCS band to 50GHz.

The First Synchronized® Prematching, High VSWR Tuners


The First and unique Millimerwave coaxial Programmable Tuner from 10 to 65GHz.

Bi-Harmonic programmable Tuner for Fo, 2Fo and 3F in a single unit (Fo=4-9GHz).

USB Tuner System Controller for operation using any laptop PC.

3Fo & 5Fo harmonic combination Tuners


The First True Differential Load Pull system and Tuners

Active Prematching Tuner concept

Unique Frequency Selective Tuners

New Contouring software


Unique Ultra Stable Tuners for On-Wafer operations

The revolutionary Multi-Purpose Tuner concept

Intelligent TCP/IP compatible tuners (iTuner)


The first 0.1 - 1.2GHz fast programmable tuner.

First MPT system sold


The first 40-100MHz programmable tuner

The first 50GHz Multi Purpose Tuner (MPT-50140)


The 0.8-8GHz Multi Purpose Tuner (MPT-808)


The 2-30GHz Multi Purpose Tuner (MPT-3020)

The 200V, 17A, 200ns Pulsed IV System

The Maximum Reflection Tuner, MRT, with VSWR > 200:1 (MRT-308)


The 0.7-10GHz Multi Purpose Tuner (MPT-1007)

The autonomous Tuner, Ingenium

Four Probe - four harmonic MPT - QUATTRO 10-60GHz

Multi Purpose (harmonic) Tuner (MPT-60100)


90-140GHz manual tuner

Waveform software using frequency and time domain receivers LPWave

Fast Wide-band Noise Parameter software NPEx 1.9.

Temperature regulated Transistor Test Jigs


Compact Harmonic Tuner MPT-Lite-C (Nano).

Harmonic Active Injection Load Pull System HAILP.

Radically improved Noise Software NPEx 2.0


Vector Receiver Tuning and Load Pull

Active Injection Harmonic Load Pull - HAILP+

Differential Tuning Technology

High precision load pull probe station


Differential Tuner 8-50GHz.

Differential Tuner 2-18GHz.

Integrated Pulsed IV with 5mV accuracy.

Micro-amp pulse Current probe

EMI-Hardened Tuner Technology

High Speed passive Tuner for Production Testing

Noise parameter modeling and verification


0.3-67GHz continuous noise measurement system

Low ringing IPIV using DUT-close, remote pulse heads

High speed (1,5 sec/LP session) hybrid tuning

High power 30/50GHz tuner

High Voltage (1000V) Integrated PIV

19" rack mount Hybrid Harmonic Load Pull System 0.6-8GHz

High Speed (Production) Hybrid Active Load Pull (1.5 sec/50 points)


Noise source VSWR corrected noise measurement

Electronic Tuner

1200V protected pulse head (AURIGA)

Wideband active tuning (MESURO)


High power MPT-1808 tuner and method

80MHz to 1GHz MPT-Lite (prematching) Tuner

Cardiff Model Lite - CML

Cardiff Model Plus - CM+

RAPID (active tuner) for modulated signals