Management Team

The Focus Microwaves' Group comprises Focus Microwaves Inc. of Montreal/Canada, MESURO LTD. of Cardiff/UK and AURIGA-PIV Tech. of Merrimac, New Hampshire/USA; the Group develops and manufactures high end semiconductor device test instrumentation, mostly for non-50Ω RF measurements, pulsed DC transistor testing and nonlinear transistor modelling.

The core of the Group's products are

1. Electromechanical impedance tuners (10MHz to 140GHz) [Focus],

2. Active and high speed load pull & Nonlinear modelling [MESURO],

3. Top of the line (up to 1200V) precision DC pulsers [AURIGA], and

4. Complete Data Generation and Processing Software for all above products.

  • Focus' lines are based on the experience and inventions of its founder Christos Tsironis, who developed his first tuner in 1973 and created most existing electro-mechanical tuner families;
  • MESURO's lines result from Cardiff Universitie's Research and PhD. graduate work over the past 15 years in Active Load Pull and Modelling solutions;
  • AURIGA PIV's lines come from the spin-off of the Industry Standard Pulser Line of AURIGA-Microwave.

Last, not least, our solid foundation is the dedication and the engineering and manufacturing skills of the Group's highly motivated and experienced team of Technicians and Engineers, who have been trained and encouraged to develop new technologies and listen-to and support our Customers.

Over the past 27 years Focus has become the main supplier of advanced Load Pull and Noise tuner systems worldwide.

More reading... MW&RF, October 2008: Interview with Focus' founder, Dr. Christos Tsironis

Dr. Christos Tsironis
  • Dipl.Ing. TU Karlsruhe, Germany, 1972
  • Dr.Ing. RWTH Aachen, Germany, 1978
  • President & CTO

Dr.Tsironis is the inventor of various tuner types; he holds many patents on harmonic rejection tuners (PHT), high Gamma pre-matching tuners (PMT), multi-harmonic tuners (MPT), low frequency tuners (LFT) and minimum loss test fixture (MLTF).

Vince Mallette
  • Director of Marketing and Sales

Vince has been on and off with Focus for several years, starting in 2000.
He holds a BSc in EE from ETS in Montreal.
He aims bringing the Focus Technology Group to its (deserved) next level.

Xianfu Sun, BSc EE
  • Harbin Institute of Technology, China
  • Manager, Focus China (Beijing)
Dr. Tudor Williams
  • M.Eng in EE and Comm Eng. Swansea Univ. UK, 2003
  • Ph.D from Cardiff Univ. 2007
  • Engineering Manager at Mesuro Ltd.

Tudor is co-founding member of Mesuro; he is the expert in the Focus Group for Nonlinear Modelling solutions, Active Tuning and High Speed load pull testing.

Bryan Hosein
  • B. Eng, Concordia, 2003
  • Director of Engineering.

Bryan is a fast learner.
Being an IT expert did not stop him from understanding and solving most subtleties of RF engineering, especially MPT tuning methods and Noise Parameter extraction algorithms.

Linda Pajari
  • Operations Manager, Auriga-PIV

Linda has been with ATN, then Auriga for over 20 years.
She is now responsible for the NH based Auriga-PIV branch of the Focus Group, specializing in AU4850 high precision pulsers and all Auriga Bias Tees.

Iason (Jason) Tsironis
  • MSc Arch
  • McGill University Montreal

Iason currently does an Internship in Marketing and Project Management.