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VNA TRL Calibration Kits

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Tuner calibration is a difficult task for Network Analyzers. Due to high reflection and low loss, tuner S-parameter measurements represent a challenge for VNA’s, because of error term determination and coupler directivity. Long experience has taught us not to rely on other calibration techniques than TRL (Thru-Reflect-Line). The popular SOLT technique is conditionally useable, but not guaranteed, up to 4GHz. The much convennient ECal method has provided questionable and inconsistent results. Our customers are advised to be very careful with VNA calibrations, because the whole measured data depends on that.

Because of this, and to save our customers time and doubt, Focus has developed and offers a set of Precision and reliable TRL calibration kits from 0.03 to 110 GHz with the following connector types: 7/16, N, APC-7, 3.5mm, 2.9mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm, WR-15, WR-10. Our calibration kits are compatible with all commercial network analyzers.